Monday, February 13, 2012

Roadmap 2012 part 1

The changes and features listed in this post can be expected in future releases (in the coming months) but they are not prioritized or in implementation order.

ibify mobile (android) application
  • Comment support
    • Allow commenting of photos and events
    • Users can read/write/edit comments
  • Offline (or "holiday") mode
    • Make ibify work without internet access (f.e. when on holiday abroad)
    • Example: you are traveling abroad and don't have internet access (or it's ridicilously expensive) on your phone. In 'offline mode' ibify works as usual and you can take any number. When internet access is available again (in a hotel or internet-cafe) uploading all photos, locations and descriptions in a batch is a one-click operation.
  • Social media support
    • Allow sharing of all photos and galleries from your mobile using facebook, twitter etc.
  • Map-based browsing of photos
    • Let users navigate on the map so that the image-thumbnails will popup right on the map (replaces current map-based area selection). Similar to browsing photos on webpage. website
  • Comment support
    • Allow commenting photos and events
    • Users can read/write/edit comments
  • Add a simple photo-gallery viewer
    • Without the map & locations. Usually the location is not very interesting for events so there should be a full photo-oriented gallery viewer and it should be the default viewer.
    • User can switch between the simple and map-based gallery viewers
  • Make website better crawlable by search-engines
    • At the moment ibify (since it's a single-page webapp) is flying below the radars of the Google and Bing crawlers. That needs to be changed.
These are the main features and changes on deck. In addition to the above issues there are further bugfixes, optimizations and ui-improvements on the todo-list as well.

If you have questions or comments feel free to ask. Feature requests and further ideas on how to develop the service are also welcome.

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