Friday, March 16, 2012

Mission Statement

There are some improvements on how Ibify fetches the photos. The goal of the changes was:

  • Bring out images & events in different regions (from the currently selected map area)
  • Show the top images & events for each region (by popularity)
  • If one region has a lot of popular photos still try to show as many as possible
  • Keep the queries for photos fast

The results look good. The app will now always fetch 32 to 64 photos and 16 to 32 events for a selected region & time (less of course if there are no more available). This applies both to the website and the android app.

Ibify world map

The changes complement the idea and essence of the Ibify service very well which are now documented in the updated 'About' and 'Frequently Asked Questions' sections. Lets look at the most important points:

"Ibifys mission and philosphy" from the about-page:

The essence of Ibify is to provide a fun location-based photo service without compromising the users privacy. We think registration sucks. Ibify doesn't require registration and anonymous photo sharing is ok! Unlike many other services Ibify won't ask you who you are or who your friends are. We make a conscious effort to respect user privacy. We don't track user locations, only the shared photos will contain the location where they were taken. Ibify uses openID for user authentication - that way will not even keep your login information since others are doing it for us!  

"Why Ibify" from the F.A.Q. page:

  • Some people are not comfortable sharing photos with their names attached on them for the rest of internetity. Ibify is for them.
  • Some people like sharing the interesting things they are seeing and experiencing with the rest of the world. Ibify is for them.
  • Some people want to know and see what is happening in their places of interest. Ibify is for them.
  • Some people would want to but don't have the chance to visit a lot of events. Ibify is for them.
  • Some people just enjoy exploring the world through maps and see what is happening in the world just now. Ibify is definately for them. 

That sums the mission statement up neatly. For the whole text see the About-page and the F.A.Q.-page.